Tips for Supervisors

  1. The supervisor's designated time for timecard approval starts on Sunday at 12:00 am and and must be completed by the time and deadline date located on the timesheet approval calendar. Please do not approve timecards before this time, or you may inadvertently lock out an employee from entering their time. Approval deadlines are subject to change due to the holidays as well as the UCPath payroll deadlines.

  2. When using the Non-Exempt Pay Period Approval Genie, there is an issue in which some supervisors do not see the checkmark that should appear after you have approved a timecard. If this happens, you can verify the approval by opening the employee's timecard, click Go To, then Audits. The approval entries are at the bottom of the Audit window.
  3. If employees that you supervise do not appear in the Approval Genie, do the following:

    1. Use all Non-Ex Home and Trans. In for non-exempt employees and All Exempt Home for exempt employees.

    2. Set the date range to the Previous Pay Period.

    3. If employees with multiple jobs are still missing, but were present the last pay cycle, change the date range to Last 30 Days.Employees with multiple jobs will not appear if they have not transferred any hours to the friendly name of the jobs you supervise. If the employee has Anytime access, contact the employee and instruct them to add the correct Friendly Name to these shifts. If the employee has Realtime access, contact your department's timekeeper to make the corrections

  4. If you supervise employees with multiple campus jobs, you will be able to see their hours worked in other jobs in the Transfer field between the "In" and "Out" punches. Please do not delete or edit punches for these other jobs, because it will affect your employee's pay. When you approve your employee's hours, you are only approving their hours for your department's job.
  5. If you see employees on your list who don't report to you, please disregard; you do not need to approve their timesheets. Most likely, these are other employees in the same department who use the same "Friendly Name" to record their hours.