Supervisors of Biweekly Paid Employees

Step-by-step printable job aids for supervisors

The following job aids will help supervisors manage biweekly and hourly paid employees. Employees may report time via a timeclock, personal computer or biometrics. In addition, some employees such as students are required to report time in "realtime," at the begining and end of their shift. Others may be record time "Anytime" through the biweekly pay period.


  • Introductory video: CalTime for Supervisors - Approving Employee Timecards (5:58 min.)
    • NOTE: although the content is generally the same, the hyperfind selection at the beginning of this video has changed to prompt the supervisor to select biweekly or monthly. This update is not reflected in this video.


Editing, Reviewing and Approving Timecards