Paper Timecard

The paper timesheet should be used only by non-exempt employees who temporarily cannot access the CalTime system. If you are able to access CalTime, you are required to use the CalTime system. 

Submit the paper timesheet to

Approval timelines and deadlines for paper timesheets are the same as for CalTime system deadlines. 


Instructions for completing the paper timesheet

The paper timesheet should be completed in its entirety prior to your  supervisor’s approval.

  1. Record your name and UC Berkeley ID#, which can be found on your Cal 1 ID card.
  2. Record all hours worked within the biweekly pay period by inputting IN and OUT times for each day (you do not need to indicate overtime as it will be automatically calculated by the system)
  3. Record all leave hours within the biweekly pay period using the appropriate pay code for each day (for example, vacation or sick leave taken)
  4. Indicate the friendly name or job the time should be associated with if you have more than one job, friendly name, or project you need to assign time to.
  5. Sign your paper timesheet. Your signature is required and certifies that the information is true and accurate.
  6. Submit the paper timesheet to your supervisor. The supervisor is also required to sign the paper timesheet.  The supervisor signature certifies that the supervisor approves the information as accurate and complete.
  7. Your supervisor will submit your paper timesheet to:

Administration and Records

  • Once the supervisor has submitted a signed paper timecard, the paper timecard information will be input to the CalTime system on behalf of the employee and retained by the Supervisor for five years for audit purposes.
  • Copies of the form as needed, will be provided to the employee and/or supervisor.


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