Timecard Approval deadlines

Approval Deadlines

Non-Exempt employees approve and submit a time-sheet every other week and supervisors approve the timesheet immediately after the biweekly pay period has ended.

Exempt employees approve and submit a time-sheet once per month and supervisors approve the timesheet typically on the 5th business day of the calendar month.

Note: Approval dates are subject to change during pay periods when a holiday occurs.

Subscribe to the CalTime calendar on bCal

To automatically populate helpful reminders for these timecard approval due dates on your calendar. Follow the instructions below.

    1. Open up your bCal calendar at bcal.berkeley.edu
    2. Under Other Calendars, go to Add a friend's calendar
    3. Copy the appropriate calendar ID into the text box area and click enter or add
    4. The calendar will then appear in your Other Calendars list.
    5. Select the Calendar ID for the calendar you want, and add to the text box as described in step 3 above:
      1. Non-Exempt Employees Calendar ID: berkeley.edu_67517a566a575962@resource.calendar.google.com
      2. Exempt Employees Calendar ID: berkeley.edu_3136393237383031363137@resource.calendar.google.com

Employee APPROVAL Reminder Emails

CalTime sends email reminders of upcoming timecard due dates to your preferred email address as listed in Blu. Follow the instructions below to change your preferred email.

  1. Login to Blu at blu.berkeley.edu with your CalNet ID and Passphrase
  2. In the Self Service pane, under Update Personal Information, click Email Addresses
  3. Check the Preferred box for the email address you want to designate. • If the address you want to use is not listed, click Add an Email Address. NOTE: You must click Save for your changes to take effect.