Biweekly Non-Exempt employees

Non-Exempt Employees: Record Time on an hourly basis

Non-Exempt employees, those eligible for overtime, record time in quarter hour increments and approve time ever other week (biweekly). Non-exempt employees track time in one of two methods: "RealTime" or "Anytime."

A brief video is available to explain the different CalTime employee roles:

For Anytime Non-exempt Employees

Anytime Employees report time anytime during the biweekly pay period but it is highly recommended and best practice to record time on a daily basis.

Job Aids

Video tutorial

For Realtime Non-Exempt Employees

RealTime employees record start and stop times at the beginning and end of each shift. They use a computer (PC) or a terminal (time clock) depending on their job. Includes student employees (those with Student Assistant 1-4 job titles)

Record time on a terminal (timeclock)

Record time on computer (PC)

Video tutorial