Readers and Tutors in CalTime as of May 31

CalTime was updated to include Readers and Tutors. This change was made to align with best practices for timekeeping across the UC system and it will help facilitate on-time pay as CalTime sends reminder notifications to both employees and managers to remind their employees to complete timesheets and managers to approve. 

Please refer to the CalTime training page for reader and tutor jobs aids. If you have a question about CalTime, please email

CalTime is Berkeley's timekeeping system

Whether you are an employee, supervisor, or timekeeper, explore our site to learn more about timekeeping with CalTime. Everyone is responsible for accurate timekeeping:

  • Employees report work and leave time on their timecards
  • Supervisors review and approve their employees’ timecards
  • Timekeepers sign off on their units’ timecards

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Thank you for using CalTime!

There are several training videos available to help employees and supevisors navigate in CalTime. Please visit the CalTime training page for a catalogue of available training videos. At this time, these videos are not applicable to biweekly paid employees in reader and tutor job titles.