01/04/23 CalTime Access Restored

CalTime access was restored to the campus as of late Tuesday, January 3rd around 5pm, and is now available for your use. Communication with instructions for verifying your timekeeping information were sent to affected user groups. All time worked or leave taken (including via the timeclock) between 6:30 p.m. Friday, December 30th and 10:00 a.m., Tuesday, January 3rd will need to be manually entered.

Instructions for Biweekly Paid Employees:

Please review your timecard and work with your supervisor if needed to ensure your timecard is updated to reflect all hours worked and leave taken during the outage period by the pay period ending January 7th. 

Instructions for Monthly Paid Employees:

We have extended the December timecard approval deadlines. All monthly paid employees must review and approve their December timecard by Friday, January 6th. Supervisors must review and approve their employee’s time cards by Wednesday, January 11th.

We have asked the service desk to close all outstanding tickets. If you continue to experience access issues or would like to report a data integrity issue, please email CalTime@berkeley.edu 

CalTime is Berkeley's timekeeping system

Whether you are an employee, supervisor, or timekeeper, explore our site to learn more about timekeeping with CalTime. Everyone is responsible for accurate timekeeping:

  • Employees report work and leave time on their timecards
  • Supervisors review and approve their employees’ timecards
  • Timekeepers sign off on their units’ timecards

Are you biweekly or monthly paid?

Are you a supervisor?

Thank you for using CalTime!

There are several training videos available to help employees and supevisors navigate in CalTime. Please visit the CalTime training page for a catalogue of available training videos.