CalTime Tipsheet

CalTime Tipsheet for Non-Exempt Employees

The following is a short list of helpful tips about using CalTime.

  • If you worked a partial day and used leave time on the same day (for example, you worked 4 hours and took 4 hours of sick leave on the same day), you will need to add a row so that the sick leave and work time are recorded on two separate lines.
  • If you are required to approve your timecard and you have more than one job, please don't approve your timecard until you've finished all your work, for all your jobs. Otherwise, you will be "locked out" from making changes.
  • If you're a real-time employee, be careful not to make duplicate punches, which will require a correction by your supervisor.
    • If you use a computer (PC), duplicate punches often happen when you forget that you have already punched in for the current shift. If you're not sure, check your timecard by clicking Home and then Timecard. This will let you can see your last punch.
    • If you use a terminal (time clock), a duplicate punch can happen if you repeatedly swipe your card at the terminal. Look for the green light and the "punch accepted" message as your confirmation that your punch was successful. Or you can press the View My Timecard soft key to view punches, if you're unsure whether or not your first punch was accepted.