Biometric terminals (time clocks)

How to use a CalTime biometric terminal (time clock)

How to use a CalTime biometric terminal

The materials on this page are for non-exempt employees who use biometric terminals (biometric time clocks). Using a biometric terminal, non-exempt employees report the time they start and stop work in real time, meaning at the actual time in happens.

Biometric Terminal Overview for Non-exempt Employees 

Non-exempt Employee Biometric Terminal Guide

Non-exempt Employee Biometric Quick Guide

Using the biometric terminal, you can:

  • Enter the time (hours) you’ve worked
  • Clock in to specific jobs, contracts or grants
  • Access your timecard
  • See your overtime and shift differential
  • Access your vacation, sick leave, comp time balances
  • View your schedule

If you are unsure whether you are supposed to use a terminal for your timekeeping, please ask your supervisor.