Access CalTime

Access your CalTime timecard (Exempt employees)

Note: If you are transitioning to CalTime and biweekly pay cycles, you cannot access CalTime until Nov. 1. The links below are for exempt employees already using CalTime. 

Web-based access - Click on the Access Online button below and then bookmark the link for future use. For PC users, Internet Explorer is the preferred browser. For Mac, we recommend Firefox or Safari. Google Chrome is not supported at this time.

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) access - Download an access application called a Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) to your desktop and use it to log in to the system. Click on the PC or Mac RDP button below to download the appropriate RDP. A link to instructions is below the button.


Download CalTime for PC


Download CalTime for MAC

web access  (HTML):

Access Caltime online

  Which access method to use?

  • If you are an employee, you can perform ALL CalTime functions using either the web (HTML) version of CalTime. This is the recommended method for accessing CalTime.
  • If you are a supervisor, you can access MOST CalTime functions, including employee timecard approval, via the web (HTML) version. The only restrictions you’ll encounter using the HTML version are as follows:
    • Hyperfinds are limited and you won’t be able to modify your query
    • Reports you can run are limited to:
      • Accrual Balances and Projections
      • Accrual Detail
      • Badge Numbers
      • Employee Schedule (Monthly or Weekly)
      • Schedule by Labor Account - Weekly
      • Timecard Audit Trail
      • Time Detail
      • Timecard Signoff/Approval Audit Trail 
  •  If you are a timekeeper you need to access ALL CalTime functions, which are available ONLY via the RDP.

Both methods of accessing CalTime are secure. You can use either one at any time, but you will notice that the screens look somewhat different. Need help? Check out our job aids for exempt employees and supervisors for step-by-step instructions for both access methods.


For assistance with access issues, please contact the CalTime Help Desk:

  • Email:
  • Phone: (510) 664-9000; first press 1 for IT, then press 1 for Application Support, then press 2 for CalTime.