There are two ways to access CalTime. HTML (via the web) offers basic functionality to review and approve timecards (suitable for employees) but does not provide the robust correction and audit functionality or reports that Citrix offers (suitable for supervisors and timekeepers).

CalTime Access (2 options)

Description of Access Type

Click to Access site


(Web access)

Recommended for Employees: Click the button to the right to access CalTime online, and bookmark the page. If you’ve bookmarked access to CalTime and you’re having trouble, go to, bookmark that page, and make sure that you are using that bookmark when you want to access your timecard.

For PC users, Internet Explorer is the preferred browser. For Mac, we recommend Firefox or Safari. Google Chrome is not supported at this time.

Access Caltime online


Recommended for Supervisors and Timekeepers: Login to Citrix (link is external) to access CalTime. This may require initial setup for first time Citrix users (see additional Instructions).

Supervisors may prefer the Citrix version because with the Web access method, hyperfinds are limited and you won’t be able to modify your hyperfind query. Citrix offers supervisors the ability to set up schedules for their non-exempt employees. Timekeepers need to access ALL CalTime functions, available ONLY via Citrix.  Citrix gives you a secure one stop shop for certain UC Berkeley enterprise applications (e.g. BAIRS, CalPlanning, CalAnswers, etc). This eliminates compatibility and security issues. Citrix provides better scalability and a more consistent user experience between Mac, Windows and other devices.

Access Caltime online



Can't access CalTime?

Contact the CalTime Help Desk: