What is a timekeeper?

A timekeeper is an employee who oversees exempt and non-exempt timekeeping processes for an entire work unit or department. Before assuming their duties, timekeepers are provided with special training on timekeeping processes, their unit-specific non-exempt timekeeping system, and CalTime.

Timekeepers carry out the following tasks:

  • Follow up for missing supervisor approvals*
  • Review and sign off on timecards submitted by supervisors in their designated areas
  • Process manual timekeeping actions for certain leave codes
  • Work with the CalTime team to resolve issues
  • Relay feedback about the system to the CalTime team

* While timekeepers follow up for supervisor approvals, it is the supervisor’s responsibility to follow up with employees on their timecard approval.

Contact your department's timekeeper


other departments:

The vast majority of campus departments/units are currently served by CSS.  If you are unsure whether your department receives timekeeping support from CSS, or need to view a list of timekeepers sorted by home department, click here. It is recommended to view the list online, rather than downloading it to your computer and saving it, because updates are made frequently. The timekeeper list is color-coded based on the timekeeper's location, as follows:

  • Green = Campus Shared Services (CSS)
  • Blue = RES @ CSS
  • Orange = ERSO @ CSS
  • White = in unit

If you have questions or need help, please email caltime@berkeley.edu