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CalTime is Berkeley's Electronic Timekeeping System

Timekeeping is the process of tracking and reporting work and leave time. Everyone is responsible for accurate timekeeping:

  • Employees report leave and approve their time on their timecards
  • Supervisors review and approve their employees’ timecards
  • Timekeepers sign off on their units’ timecards

Whether you are an employee, supervisor, or timekeeper, explore our site to learn more about CalTime and how to use CalTime for timekeeping.

With CalTime, you can:

  • Standardize and automate timekeeping
  • Eliminate paper timecards
  • Enter vacation and leave time online
  • Streamline tracking processes

Thank you for using CalTime!

The Case for CalTime (3:11)

Timecard Due Dates

Deadlines for approving September timecards:

  • Employees
    October 1, Wednesday
  • Supervisors
    October 6, Monday
  • Timekeepers
    October 10, Friday

Need a monthly reminder? No problem. Simply subscribe to the CalTime bCal Calendar or print out the schedule of CalTime Exempt Employee Timecard Due Dates for 2014 (PDF) to post at your desk.

CalTime sends out monthly email reminders to alert you to upcoming due dates. These emails are sent to your preferred email address in Blu. Use the Changing Your Preferred Email Address in Blu job aid if you would like to change your preferred email.