Training for Employees

Non-exempt or exempt: which one are you?

Non-exempt / Biweekly Employees

Non-exempt employees report their hours/time worked as well as their leave time, and may be eligible for overtime, shift, and on-call pay. In general, they are paid hourly. Most student employees (Student Assistant titles) are non-exempt.  

Non-exempt employees who will use a computer: Sign up for training >>

Non-exempt employees who will use terminals (time clocks): Training will be provided within each department that uses terminals. Your supervisor will let you know when.

Step-by-step guides / Anytime PC reporting

Step-by-step guides / RealTime PC reporting

Exempt Employees

Exempt employees report only their leave taken, and are not eligible for overtime. They are responsible for entering leave taken each month in CalTime and approving their timecard by the monthly deadline, whether they have taken any leave or not. In general, exempt employees are paid a monthly salary.

Exempt employees moving to CalTime on Nov. 1: Sign up for training >>

If you are an exempt moving to CalTime on November 1, you can sign up for training or learn your timekeeping tasks from the step-by-step guides and tutorial linked below. 

Step-by-step guides (web access)

 Online Tutorials