Tips for Supervisors

  • The supervisor's designated time for timecard approval starts on Sunday at 12:00 am and goes through Monday end of day. Please do not approve timecards before this time, or you may inadvertently lock out an employee from entering their time.
  • When using the Non-Exempt Pay Period Approval Genie, there is an issue in which some supervisors do not see the checkmark that should appear after you have approved a timecard. If this happens, in the web access version, please open the individual's timecard, and look for the gray script by the "SAVE" button. The gray script should say the timecard has been approved by the manager and when. 
  • If you supervise employees with multiple campus jobs, you will be able to see their hours worked in other jobs in the Transfer field between the "In" and "Out" punches. Please do not delete or edit punches for these other jobs, because it will affect your employee's pay. When you approve your employee's hours, you are only approving their hours for your department's job.
  • If you see employees on your list who don't report to you, please disregard; you do not need to approve their timesheets. Most likely, these are other employees in the same department who use the same "Friendly Name" to record their hours.