Who’s who in CalTime

June 24, 2014

This news item was updated on August 4, 2014

Odds are, if you are not on the faculty, you either are in CalTime already, or you will be in CalTime as of November 1, 2014. If you are wondering where you fit in CalTime, here are the details about who is already in CalTime, who is going into CalTime, and who is not.

Who Is In CalTime Now

Most exempt staff (which generally means staff who are salaried, who are not eligible for overtime, and who report leave in whole-day increments).

Who Is Going Into CalTime

On November 1, 2014, most non-exempt* staff will move into CalTime.  Non-exempt employees are eligible for overtime, and for shift and on-call pay. They report time worked as well as sick, vacation, and other leave to the nearest quarter hour.

(*If you are not sure whether you are exempt or non-exempt, you can log in to blu.berkeley.edu with your CalNet ID and passphrase, and look it up.  You’ll find it, along with other information about you, in the top left corner of the Blu webpage.)

Also on November 1, 2014, the following groups of exempt employees who are not now in CalTime, will transition to CalTime: 

  • Physicians (DX Union)
  • Capital Projects
  • Lawrence Hall of Sciences
  • Space Sciences Lab
  • Physical Plant
  • Police
  • Parking and Transportation
  • Library

Who Is Not Going Into CalTime

The following groups will not be moving into CalTime at present (although that may change in the future): 

  • Non-paid or Without Salary (WOS) jobs such as volunteers, professors emeriti, etc.
  • Jobs paid only in flat dollar amounts
  • Academic-year appointees who do not earn vacation or sick leave, such as academic-year faculty, GSIs, GSAIs, GSRs, readers, tutors
  • Postdoctoral scholars
  • Bindery jobs
  • Librarians from the affiliate libraries

What Changes For Employees In CalTime

Recording the time you work and the time off you take

Starting November 1, most exempt and non-exempt employees will be reporting their work and/or leave time electronically in CalTime, either using a computer or a timekeeping terminal. 

Biweekly pay

On November 1, non-exempt staff and student employees (non-academic) will move to being paid every two weeks (a biweekly pay cycle), instead of the current once-a-month paycheck.

(Being paid every two weeks also means timecards will done on a biweekly, instead of monthly, schedule.)

Exempt employees will continue to be paid monthly.

Vacation and sick leave

Starting November 1, exempt and non-exempt staff and student employees (non-academic) will earn vacation and sick leave based on a new method, called “factor leave accrual”. 

(For almost all employees, the yearly totals for vacation and sick leave will remain the same, even though the calculation will be done differently.)

Academic appointees will continue to have their vacation and sick leave calculated by the current “table leave accrual” method.

(If you want to read more of the details about the new factor leave accrual method, you find all the details on the Biweekly Pay and Factor Accruals page on the Controller’s Office website.)

Now What?

So if you are moving into CalTime in November and you want to get ready; or you’re still not sure which group you are in, how you will be affected or what you need to do to prepare; or if you just want more detailed information about CalTime; there is help available, and time to take advantage of that help.

Start with the CalTime website (www.caltime.berkeley.edu), where you can find additional general information.

In August, demonstration and training sessions begin for employees and supervisors.  Dates, times and places will be posted on the CalTime website.  Chances are, you’ll also be getting email directly from CalTime with that information as well.

And if you’re more the do-it-yourself type – also coming soon on the website, you’ll find step-by-step instructions, interactive tutorials and videos, covering pretty much all the ins and outs of CalTime – which you can go through at your own pace, on your schedule.

Your own schedule, that is – bearing in mind that November 1 is when most Berkeley staff (except most faculty) move to CalTime.