Exempt Employees Transition to factor leave accrual

March 17, 2014

Effective September 1, 2014, exempt employees* who are eligible to accrue vacation and sick leave will accrue leave based on a factor accrual leave rate. *Exempt employees are those who are not eligible to earn overtime. Inclusion of employees in positions covered by collective bargaining agreements is subject to collective bargaining requirements. Academic employees eligible to accrue vacation and/or sick leave will not transition to factor leave accruals.

The transition to factor leave accrual is mandated by the Office of the President to standardize UC in preparation for a new payroll system that will be used across all 10 campuses and five medical centers (UCPath).

The factor leave accrual method takes the percent of time (converted into hours) an employee is on pay status during the calendar month and multiplies the hours by a factor rate to determine the amount of leave accrued. Accrued vacation and sick leave amounts will vary each month as a result of the different number of working hours in each calendar month. However, the total potential hours that an employee can accrue during the course of a year will remain the same. Exempt employees will continue to accrue leave on the 1st of the month following the close of the monthly pay period. 

Answers to frequently asked questions regarding factor leave accruals and factor rates are available athttp://controller.berkeley.edu/biweekly-pay-conversion

Download a Factor Leave Accrual Chart for Exempt Staff Employees