CalTime Upgrade in March 2017

March 6, 2017

On March 30, 2017 the CalTime system will be upgraded to Kronos version 8.  Updating CalTime to the latest software will secure system performance and will improve the overall look and feel of CalTime while eliminating a few steps to accomplish tasks.  

Key enhancements include:

  • Java free application
  • One timecard view for all CalTime users eliminating access to CalTime via Citrix
  • Guided tutorials, icons, and color alerts to guide users to the next task
  • Easy access to view leave accruals and balances

What to Expect?

On March 30-31, the CalTime system will be unavailable to all campus users in order to process the technical updates for the CalTime upgrade.  During the scheduled outage, employees that use a timeclock may continue to do so and will not be impacted by the outage. Employees that use a computer and are required to record their start and stop time daily on these two days will need to check-in with their supervisor when the system is restored. The supervisor will need to enter these hours in CalTime on behalf of these employees only for those two outage days.  

An email announcement will be sent on April 1 notifying the campus the system upgrade has completed.  The upgrade will not impact employee’s historical information in CalTime prior to the upgrade.

Training offered:

To help prepare for this change, please review the following concise training videos based on employee role:


Instructor-Led Training

There are also instructor-led training courses for Supervisors available for registration via the Wisdom Café. To register, access the UC Learning Center using the Wisdom Café link, wisdomcafe.berkeley.eduandfollowthe UC Learning Center link at the bottom of the page.

Job Aids

Later in the month, we’ll also post revised job aids on the CalTime website.  In addition, we have attached a quick reference guide to help you understand the new layout of your timecard.


Please review the frequently asked questions.  For additional clarification or assistance with the transition, please email

Thank you,

The CalTime Team

Employee Roles in CalTime:

  • Exempt Employees: Salaried and paid monthly, only record leave such as vacation, sick, compensatory time, and leave without pay.
  • Non-Exempt AnyTime Employees:  Hourly and paid biweekly, record the start and stop time of their shift anytime throughout the pay period.
  • Non-Exempt RealTime Employees:  Hourly and paid biweekly, must record the start and stop time of their shift on a daily basis (i.e. students).