Dual (exempt and non-exempt) appointments in CalTime

Dual appointments (non-exempt and exempt) instructions

If you have at least two different appointment types (both an exempt and a non-exempt position) for your employment at Berkeley, here is an update on your timekeeping responsibilities and process, and how frequently you will be paid.

Use CalTime for your Non-Exempt Position

If at least one of your positions is classified as a non-exempt position, you will be required to begin using CalTime to record your hours worked for that position.  You will get paid biweekly -- every other Wednesday -- for that non-exempt position. (Non-exempt employees report hours worked and leave taken, and may be eligible for overtime, shift, and on-call pay.)

Timekeeping for Your Other Position(s)

  • If your other position is classified as an exempt academic appointment (such as a Graduate Student Instructor, Graduate Student Researcher, Post Doctoral Scholar, Tutor or Reader), you will not be using CalTime for that position and will continue using your current timekeeping system. You will continue to be paid on the first of each month for your academic position.
  • If your other position is classified as a regular exempt appointment, then you will need to use a paper timecard for that position. (CalTime is unable to process both an exempt position and a non-exempt position on one employee timecard.) You will be paid on the first of each month for your exempt position. (Please see paper timecards at right.) Note that your completed paper timecard should be provided to your supervisor.

Moving to CalTime

It is very important that you report the hours you work and the leave you take in CalTime for your non-exempt position, because, for your non-exempt position, you will only be paid for the hours you report.

Exempt paper timecards

If you have at least one non-exempt appointment as well as an exempt appointment, please use the timecard below only for your EXEMPT position, recording your leave taken, but not your hours worked.

Exempt Manual Timecard (CSS-Served Units)

Exempt Manual Timecard (Departments not yet served by CSS)

Please submit the timecard by the 5th business day of the month to your timekeeper. Contact information is listed on the form.