Timekeeping responsibilities for non-exempt employees

September 30, 2014

The message below was sent by email to non-exempt campus staff on Sept. 30, 2014.

Dear Campus Staff,

Please take the time to read this important message about how your time reporting responsibilities are changing, and how you can begin getting ready for a major transition in the way we work at Berkeley.

 What’s changing for you?

On November 1, 2014 you will begin:

  • Using CalTime, Berkeley’s automated timekeeping system, to record the hours you work and the leave you take
  • Getting paid every other Wednesday (biweekly)

 What are your responsibilities?

  • Record the hours you work and the leave you take in CalTime. You will only be paid for the hours you report.
  • Tell your supervisor right away if you have questions or need help with your time card at any point during the pay cycle. At the end of the pay period, your supervisor has a very short window (one working day) in which to review, edit and approve all time cards.
  • Review your time card regularly and no later than by the last day of the pay cycle to make sure that all your work hours and leave taken have been entered properly. It is recommended that you approve your timecard on your last work day of the pay cycle, but departmental practices may vary.  The biweekly pay cycle is a 2-week period that starts on Sunday and ends on the second Saturday.

 NOTE: If you do not correctly record your time and leave by the end of each biweekly pay cycle, you run the risk of not being paid properly. Also, your supervisor may have to make time-consuming corrections later.

 How will you use CalTime?

  • Most non-exempt staff employees will use computers to access CalTime, while a smaller number will use terminals (time clocks).
  • Most non-exempt staff will enter their hours worked and leave taken into CalTime via computer at any time during the biweekly pay cycle. They are encouraged to enter their time frequently or even daily, to ensure that all their hours and overtime are entered correctly.
  • A smaller number of non-exempt staff, those in departments where terminals have always been used or that lack ready access to computers, will use CalTime on a  real-time basis, i.e., as soon as they start or stop work. (If you currently record your hours in real time, you will likely continue to do so.)
  • Within the next two weeks, your department will let you know how you will access CalTime. This information will help you choose which training program to attend.

 How will this change help you?

  • Receive pay and overtime more frequently -- every two weeks
  • View your time card and vacation/sick leave accruals -- online, anytime
  • Keep track of time cards for multiple campus jobs in one place
  • Your supervisor can view your time card and assist you if you have questions

 Why are we making these changes?
CalTime is necessary to help us transition more than 10,000 non-exempt employees to biweekly pay -- a UC system-wide requirement. Berkeley is the last UC campus to make this move. Automating the process helps ensure timely and consistent pay for employees while reducing the use of outdated manual processes.

How can you get ready?

  • Attend CalTime training beginning in mid-October -- stay tuned for details.
  • Watch a short new video about CalTime and biweekly pay: http://youtu.be/fy6uuqFm-z8
  • Visit caltime.berkeley.edufor training materials, videos, news, and more in October.
  • Make sure you understand how biweekly pay will affect your finances and estimate your biweekly paychecks. Helpful tools, including a biweekly pay calculator, are available on the Biweekly Pay website.
  • If you need temporary financial help during the transition to biweekly pay, you may wish to apply for a no-interest loan or vacation cash-out through the Transition Assistance Program. Visit the Biweekly Pay website for an application and more information. The deadline to apply has been extended to Friday, Oct. 10.

 How to get help?

  • Start with your supervisor. Your supervisor is your main contact about your time card.
  • For questions about your department’s transition to CalTime: Contact your Local Implementation Leader (LIL), a representative from your department who is helping with your department’s transition to CalTime. Find your LIL here.
  • For CalTime technical support, email caltime@berkeley.edu or call the CalTime Help Desk at Campus Shared Services: (510) 664-9000 (first press 1 for IT, then press 1 for Application Support, then press 2 for CalTime).

 Thank you for your efforts to prepare for these changes. This will be a challenging transition, and we ask for your patience and active participation as we all work together to make these changes happen.


The CalTime Project Sponsors
Rosemarie Rae, Associate Vice Chancellor and Chief Financial Officer, Executive Sponsor of CalTime
Thera Kalmjin, Chief Operating Officer of Campus Shared Services
Lyle Nevels, Assistant Vice Chancellor, IT and Deputy Chief Information Officer
Jeannine Raymond, Assistant Vice Chancellor of Human Resources
Delphine Regalia, Assistant Vice Chancellor and Controller