Change in Supervisors' Pay Period Approval Genie

January 6, 2015

Some supervisors are unable to see a checkmark in the Non-Exempt Pay Period Approval Genie after they have approved a timecard; instead, they see an "N/A".

Please see below for an interim solution to this issue:

Important changes have been made to the Non-Exempt Pay Period Approval Genie that affect the way that supervisors view their approvals in CalTime. These changes were needed due to issues that affected the performance of CalTime. 

The Supervisor Account Approval column, which indicated the supervisor’s approval, has been replaced by two new columns. Review the Pay Period Approval Genie job aid>>

Another way to check on whether an approval has gone through: using HTML (web) access, you can open up the individual's timecard, and look for the gray script by the "SAVE" button. The gray script should say the timecard has been approved by the manager and when.