CalTime training class dates

May 7, 2015

CalTime training for Exempt or Non-Exempt Employees and Supervisors/Delegates will be offered on Campus on a reoccuring schedule every other week.

To register, visit the links below to view all of the courses and training date/time options available in Blu ( and log in with your CalNet ID as necessary. 

Upcoming Classes (registration required):

CalTime Employee Training --  All employees -- all exempt and non-exempt -- using a PC or a TimeClock will leave the class knowing how to input their work and leave time into CalTime, pull reports on their timecard data and review the reports. Employees will leave class knowing what their responsibilities are regarding work and leave reporting, and where to go for reference materials and help. Job aids will be handed out to employees for use back on the job.
CalTime Supervisor Training -- Supervisors (and those with Delegate responsibilities) will leave the class knowing what their CalTime responsibilities are and how to accomplish the responsibilities at the task level. Work and Leave time, Pay Codes, Work rules, Friendly names and the transfer process, and all other common supervisory tasks are covered. Report generation and timecard data analysis is demonstrated. Supervisors will have a chance to perform all common tasks in a simulated CalTime work environment with a facilitator present to ensure transfer of knowledge back to the job.