1. What browser do I use to access CalTime?
Google Chrome is the highly recommended browser for accessing CalTime and is typically the default browser installed on most desktops.  Google Chrome is typically setup to update Flash automatically. Currently, there is also IE 11 on Windows and Safari on macOS. Both of these browsers also include Flash. Firefox is available in self service, but is included for convenience and is not tested for compatibility nor recommended. According to Campus Shared Service IT, all versions of Flash are upgraded to current on the standard monthly patch cycle if not set to automatically update.

2. What version of Adobe Flash Player do I use?
If you currently do not have Adobe Flash, we recommend installing the latest version of Adobe Flash Player. If you experience any issues accessing the CalTime application after installing the latest version, please email caltime@berkeley.edu.

3. How do I verify which version of Adobe Flash Player I currently have installed on my computer?
On your PC: Open Start>Settings>Control Panel>Programs>
You will see Adobe Flash Player listed in the list of programs and the version you have installed.  

4. How do I install Adobe Flash on my computer via Self Service?
The latest version of Adobe Flash Player is available via the self service icon on your desktop The self-service icon is in the lower right taskbar menu (see screen-shot below, image looks like the letter b).

For PC:  Click on the icon to open self-service, search for the Adobe Flash plug-in and click accept offer.
For  OS X (Mac): The process is similar to PC however the icon is in the launchpad across the bottom of the screen. The icon looks slightly different and the interface for the self-service itself is also slightly different. Adobe Flash for Safari requires installing the system-wide Flash extension for macOS.
Note: If your department is not supported by Campus Shared Service IT, please contact your local technical support.

5. When will CalTime (Kronos) no longer require Flash to be installed?
Kronos is replacing Flash with HTML5 based content in phases over the next several quarterly releases in 2017.

6. Are there workarounds to Flash for current CalTime users who are concerned that Chrome and Firefox will be dropping support for Flash?
No. At this time Flash technology is so tightly integrated with CalTime that the Flash plug-in needs to be present in order to execute some CalTime functionality.

7. I have flash installed but when I login I see an Adobe Flash Player message appear stating "Get Flash?"
Although you may have installed Flash, CalTime users may have their browser setup to confirm they would like to enable flash in order to access CalTime.  Simply click "Get Flash" and you should be taken to the screen to calnet authenticate with your calnet login ID and passphrase. One you enter you calnet ID and passphrase, you should be logged into CalTime.

8. How to clear your browser Cache?"

Google Chrome

  • In the browser, enter: chrome://settings/clearBrowserData 
  • From the menu labeled Obliterate the following items from:, select the beginng of time.
  • Put a check mark next to Empty the Cache 
  • Click Clear browsing data 

Internet Explorer

  • On browser tool bar at top right, selet safety (via the gear icon) and click Delete browsing history
  • Make sure to uncheck Preserve Facorites website data and check both the temporary internet files and website files and cookes and website data.
  • Then click delete


  • Open Safari and go to Safari > Reset Safari 
  • Put a check mark next to Remove all website data  
  • Click Reset